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Why Islabikes?

Because we want adult quality components on our children's bikes!


As a father, bicycle advocate, and an industry professional, I have recognized how underserved families are in the bike industry.   It is overwhelming how many kids bikes are on the market that just dont work and aren't worth the investment and weigh in at nearly half our child's body weight.  Finding a bike that is efficient, fun, lightweight, and designed with kids bodies and size proportional components has been nearly impossible until Islabikes pioneered their line of youth bikes. 


Currently the only way to obtain any of their exclusive bikes is through their website. Islabikes is not selling bikes to any dealers in the United States. You can purchase their bikes directly from them, and it will be delivered to you to be assembled at your home.  They offer a lifetime warranty on their  frames, however without a local brick and mortar support service, and a trade in program you would still experience the frustration of buying a premium bike only to reinvest  each time your sprouting kids grow or upgrade. 


The Family Bike collective offers you the same pricing as Isla bikes because we are actually purchasing them from Islabikes.  


Your benefit is:

  • Free assembly and service with and for the duration of a membership

  • full local shop based service  for all your biking needs

  • Exclusive  guaranteed  buy back  from members

  • Trade up and trade in options for all our bike sales customers. 

  • Inspiration , workshops , events,  rides , and Family Biking community

  • Our Spokes guarantee on service and accessories. 


Highlights of Islabikes:


  • Ball bearings in all rotating parts eg headset, bottom bracket, hubs, pedals – many of them sealed

  • Presta valves so you don't have to change the washer in your pump (but we'll fit Schrader if you prefer)

  • Quick release wheels on 20"+ so you don't have to remember a wrench when the kids are coming along

  • Cro-moly forks – lightweight, responsive and strong

  • Stainless steel spokes on 24"+, stronger wheels, easier to maintain

  • Fender eyes

  • Rack eyes on 20"+



We believe Islabikes has built the best bikes available for children whilst recognizing that a growing family is expensive and they must be affordable. With their bikes and our service We have spent your budget wisely - every part is specified because it improves performance, safety, comfort or ease of use. Many kids (and some parents!) are dazzled by all the latest gadgets but we believe that these too often drastically reduce the performance of a child's bike. Buy your child what you think they need, rather than what they think they want – when they discover they can ride further, faster and with more confidence than their friends they will thank you.

Let us know more about you!

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