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Singapore Projects

Singapore SPOKES originally was started in exploration of the bike culture on line in Singapore. In 2015 Brian Drayton visited Singapore and saw Singapor’s 25 year green plan that boasted a green cycling infrastructure. As Singapore strives to meet its goals to be one of the best cycling countries in Asia, it has to undo decades of Auto centric road design and infrastructure. 


Singapore has a mature modern and efficient public transportation system that supports 4million commuters daily with a rail and bus system that relies heavily on surface streets and underground rail. With only about 35% auto ownership the population relies on buses and trains to get quickly from one place to another. The infrastructure represents this need and has reduced the pedestrian and bike facilities and infrastructure over time lending to broad streets and many pedestrian and cycling obstructions. 


To turn this design around the LTA Land Transportation Authority is building PCN Park Connector Networks and committing to a grand North South Corridor across the Island Nation to promote pedestrian and micro mobility . 

Singapore SPOKES is unveiling the hidden cycle culture that has fallen silent since the late 70s and the promotion of the “Modern transportation design” that pushed out the cycling and RickShaw culture, 

Singapore had a rich history of Hawkers and workers that hauled products to market and moved people by bike. With rising income and the desire for the mobility and status of the automobile. Singapore answered the auto induced need to widen roads and increase surface street speeds to get cars around by investing in buses and reducing the number of permits allowed for Rickshaws and work bikes. Rickshaws were also restricted to certain commercial zones where tourists and historical context benefitted keeping the Rickshaw culture. 

Over the next four decades bikes became less and less used for utility and transportation and became a pastime, sport or way to get around the neighborhoods. 

Now with a Post Covid bicycle boom and a surge of cycling interest, Singapore is Poised to embrace a fertile bike culture that can be inclusive of all types and ages of cyclists. With a mature population that recalls Singapore's historic bike culture and a new generation of cycling interest SIngapore is poised to host a multi generational BIke culture with an interest to be healthy and a motivation to be #selfmobile.  The PCN network is a start but it will take all types of cycles to become a truly functional cycle network that connects neighborhoods, Commercial zones and thoroughfares in a safe & equitable way that promotes micro mobility as well as cross island transportation . 

Currently Singapore SPOKES is doing relationship building an research into the local bike culture.   We are  organizing to host events,  meetups, and  community organizing for 2023. 

Our mission is to  create a voice for Singapore’s  micro mobility movement  highlighting  cycling, cargo bikes and  human powered mobility as a norm for getting around the island nation. 

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