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The Spokespeople

Spokes National is a collective of Cyclist & Change agents dedicaticated Bicycle Advocacy Equity and access.

Yolanda Davis Overstreet UCV Media /Communications Director


Yolanda Davis Overstreet

Yolanda Davis-Overstreet is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles with a major in Communication Design. She also studied at Parsons School of Design in New York. After her extensive training at both institutions, Yolanda took a 20-year plunge into the business world working with higher education institutions, non-profits, emerging small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, such as Sempra Energy and Fortune Magazine- providing the services of graphic design and communications development for specialized outreach marketing. 

On the journey, she has stayed ardently connected to her grassroots orientation of advocating for local causes in her community and beyond. Yolanda currently sits on several Los Angeles Unified Parent Advisory Boards, is the Secretary for the PTA at her child's elementary school, and runs her own mission-oriented company - The WestWork Group, which focuses on health, wellness, education and green projects with the purpose of improving society. Yolanda is also a recreational cyclist and mother of two, who decided to step out and take her years of communication and marketing skills to the big screen in her first documentary film called Ride: In Living Color. Yolanda is a native of Los Angeles where she lives with her daughter and son.

Neil Walker


Niel Walker UCV Program Director

Cycles and Change under Neil’s direction has implemented the Safe Routes to School program in middle schools in the area. The School uses a trailer and ten bicycles with helmets and printed materials to travel to the various Middle Schools in The Atlanta Area and teach the ten-day course.  The program can be customized to fit the school calendar.


Coach Neil, who is a Master League Cycling Instructor and Coach, has been an advisor and consultant to organizations nationally in the area of youth cycling program development and implementation. His work with the Major Taylor Bicycling club of Minnesota has resulted in an award winning initiative – The Urban Bike Festival Bike Give-Away.

Gindi Streeter


Gindi Streeter UCV Equity Facilitator

Brian Drayton

Brian Drayton UCV Project Developer


Brian Drayton is a Lifetime Bicycle advocate and Executive Director and founder of SPOKES National. Spokes National originated as Richmond SPOKES, a Community Bike Organization (CBO) founded to invigorate the hidden bike culture in Richmond California. Brian’s background is in community engagement and has developed youth leadership and community engagement programs in Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond, Ca. His platform and positions on the League of American Cyclist Equity Advisory Council and United Cycling Voices invites grass roots feedback circles and social entrepenural ship strategies that in crease, access, and ridership of urban communities of adults, youth, and other under served cyclist.



Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor , UCV  New Initiative Director

Anthony Taylor is a founding member of the Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota, a nonprofit social/recreational club that promotes safe and fun cycling geared toward the African-American communities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He is also the Vice President of the National Brotherhood of Cyclists, a group of grassroots African American cycling clubs from around the country.

David Meza

David Meza UCV Media Developer

David Meza is a professional photographer and the founder and owner of Zap.INC. His work in his community and nationally is most visible through the photographic documentation of the movement light and color around him He is a Richmond California Native that grew up learning about the environment creating and maintaining Urban Gardens. His passion for bikes began when he discoved his own rites of pasage form obesity to health through cycling loosing almost 100 lbs as an adolescent and becoming naturally obsessed with cycling as a liberator and symbol of emancipation from medications doctors and the lethargy of obesity. His dedication in helping Creat SPOKES Richmond SPOKES, Oakand SPOKES, himm National and it's social capital makes him an invaluable asset, cofounder and invest in the work we do


Gindi has lived in SF for since 2012 and currently works in bike retail and with the youth bike camp, Wheel Kids. She was actively involved with Women Bike Atlanta and helped set up “WeCycle Atlanta” four years ago. The non-profit helps get more youths on bikes by educating them about bike safety, bike maintenance and advocacy. Also an avid photographer, Gindi spends too much time capturing all things cycling on film but hope to spend even more time serving the cycling community.

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