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About us


SPOKES National has a mission to increase ridership, mobility, economy, and health in our communities by promoting cycling as a form of recreation, transportation, and mobility.


Spokes National is a collective of bike advocates, transportation planners, and cyclist advancing bicycle equity through research, advocacy, and political and community action.


We envision a community of diverse engaged cyclist’s becoming active proponents of cycling culture, bicycle infrastructure, local economies, and the greater mobility propelled by cycling.  We envision our well tooled and empowered communities utilizing cycling as not only an everyday form of transportation and recreation but also as a key tool in community upliftment that elevates mobility, health, agency, and economy in our neighborhoods.

We implement replicable programs best practices and community building projects that have proven to have a vital impact where the rubber hits the road... This zone of influence often revolves around urban centers. attracting the most


diverse populations of innovative resilient cycling cultured entrepreneurs and innovators gives our movement legs and a resilient voice and impact. 

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