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Looking for bikes that will grow with your family?

The Family Bike Collective is a project aimed at getting families on bikes that fit.


It is common for parents to experience difficulty finding weight appropriate bicycles of quality for their children. Our mission is to help solve this need.


To do so, we plan to use our model of  partnering with  brick and mortar bike shops to provide a buyback program that will provide excellent service alongside a membership system. Collective buying power will allow us to source proprietary bikes as our core product of a rental/purchase and the foundation for building a family bike infrastructure for our members.


If you are:

  • looking for a weight appropriate bike that fits your family throughout each stage of growth and ability

  • Want a bike for your kid that is as fun efficient and mobile as needed to enjoy riding with you . 

  • Want to investments in each of your family bike purchases that can grow with your child 

  • A trade in / buyback that makes upgrade and size shifts affordable and painless

  • Want to donate to our scholarship fund or gift a bike to someone you know


Partnered with SPOKES bike Lounge. Spokes National will support communities with mobility needs and desires in setting up, running and sustaining a bike business that gives back to the community and influences the next generation of cyclist. 




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