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SPOKES National Project: Pop up Bike Shop


Objective: to create a modular deployable   fully stocked and functional bike shop to be set up in urban neighborhoods to provide   traditionally underserved and overlooked communities with   the technical resource center for acquiring and maintaining a bike culture.


Vision: Pop up bike shops can provide   respite in urban communities for many issues of access to healthy living, mobility and transportation, and economic disadvantages by stimulating local economy while providing communities with green transportation alternatives, increased mobility, lower carbon footprint and a culture of mobile civic pride.


Process:   RFP process to our target communities allows them to apply for a grant for technical assistance and pop up deployment.  

The Pop up bike shop would come with Assessment, Orientation, installation, and training prior to opening the Pop up.  Would include   endorsement and assistance in location acquisition and market evaluation.  



SPOKES  Pop-Up  Bike Shops

Interested groups must conduct a community assessment to collect data on the mobility and economy of the community prior to approval  

Once approved   the group will receive a pre pop up kit to do demonstration projects and build visibility.

During that time there will be a Training associate appointed to facilitate   thesocial marketing and   press exposure to build social capitol

Technical training and support follows with the preparation of the Pop-up 



Once secure the site will be prepped and prepared with proper leases and licenses as wells build out and floor plan and readied for Pod deployment.


On arrival of the pod the crew will have in house training on logistics and systems prior to soft opening.


Soft opening should be planned during an associated community or civic celebration and grand opening to follow.


The purveyors of the bike shop are committed and contracted to manage the day-to-day operations as a collective/ community bike organization and from grand opening to 6month mark have detailed documentation of the implementation and balance sheets of the business.

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