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In-shop Services

Flat Fix / Tire Replacement

Quick Chain Lube

Brake Adjustment​​

Full Safety and Bolt Check

Quick Wheel True (Healthy wheel)


Quick Tune

Bike Flights Packing

Box Bike for shipping










Component installation

Wheel True (Pro)

Wheel Build

Full bike fit

Pro bike fit

Box build

Pro build

$25 - $45

$40 - $85

$75 - $85






Clean & lube drive train (on bike)
Quick true wheels
Adjust gears & brakes
Check tires
Bolt check 
Clean bike*


Basic Service plus

Drive train removed and cleaned
Full true on wheels
Replace cables and housing (Labor)
Wrap bars (Labor)
Clean bike*


Full Service plus
Overhaul all bearings and moving parts
Replace tires (Labor and tubes) 

Clean bike

Quick fit

200 Credit on CPS Loyalty Card 

* Labor prices do not include parts

** Customers can book fitting sessions and 24-hour turnaround services online

*** SPOKES charges a late storage fee of  $10/ day once a bike has been left for more than 7 days after service completion or rejection of service contract. 
Please respond as soon as possible ot avoid further charges.
Bikes left beyond 30 days are considered abandoned and donated to

Rules Of The Road

The Lounge has a full service and repair shop to keep your bike maintained and fix any problem that may arise. Remember that bikes are machines and need to be regularly maintained.


Come get a free safety check from us anytime.


  • Plan ahead

    • Your bike must be present for us to assess the work.​

  • Don't wait until your bike is broken to bring it in.

    • If you hear any rough noises or the bike feels strange, stop riding it immediately.

    • Noise = Friction = Wear = $$$$

  • Maintain and clean your bikes.

    • All bikes that come in our shop get cleaned (we reserve the right to not service abused or extra dirty bikes)

  • Schedule your drop off and pick up.

    • Unless otherwise arranged, 2 weeks past pick up date and we charge $10/day storage fee

    • 30 days and we'll find your bike a new owner.


  • Understand our rates.

    • Our Service rate ($80/Hr) is based on professional bike shop standards. Most minor adjustments and installations take under 20 minutes. Our meter starts after 10 minutes in the stand. This gives you 15% off your first hour.

    • Keep your bike maintained and save $$


  • Special Loaner Bike deals

    • Available for bikes in bondage (bikes with an extended stay for parts or warranty).


  • Get a Cycle Protective Services (CPS) card.

    • CPS cards are our loyalty cards that allow you to collect credit for a free quick tune-up. Buy a new bike and get a credit proportionate to the price of your bike.

    • ie. $600 bike = 3 free quick tune-ups.

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